The Tough Love of Indy 500 Swim

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Par excellence swimmers and those that wish to achieve such a level train, train, and then train some more. You will not improve your speed by lounging around on your couch, playing with your phone and using Best Indy 500 Betting as some people do. Luckily for you, we have come across a workout that will test your will and stamina alike. You may need to get some paddles and a buoy just in case. This is the Indy 500 swim.

Getting Ready

The warmup for the workout is pretty simple. In fact, it is what people with a sedentary lifestyle would consider a full workout. It should go without saying that you need to stretch before and after the training session, as well as take a shower afterwards.

It starts with swimming 100m four times any way you choose. After that, you get four more reps with 150m and a twist – you need to make sure each interval switches from aerobic to tempo every time you take a breather. Save your energy, because you will need it for what comes next.

The Showdown

No beating around the bush – you are going all out for the first 100 meters, resting for 10 seconds, followed by 100 easy pull, resting for thirty. The easy pull serves as a sort of recovery drill in the main set. You alternate between going all out and easy pull, bearing in mind that the second time you go all out it’s 2×50, and 4×25, and back up again with 2×50 and 100.

If you have ever experienced Tabata training, this is sort of similar. Apart from testing your will and your muscles, it does give your body a small chance to recover for the maximum efficiency. This means that you will gain not only stamina but, more importantly in this workout, speed.

Cooling Down

As every athlete knows, there is no point on abruptly stopping a workout. It is unhealthy and unwise. To avoid a potential shock your system might experience, it is a good idea to cool down. The Indy 500 swim allows you to do this by going back to easy pull – 5 times 200 meters. Not to worry, though, you can, and should, use paddles for this one.

Indy 500 swim is not exactly suitable for beginners. Don’t get frustrated if you are unable to complete the training session at first. It is tough for a reason. If however, you managed to push your own limits and show yourself and others what you are made of, congratulations. You can finally relax – you’ve done well.

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