5 Best Swimmers Of All Time

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People show their love for sports in different ways. Some wait patiently and quietly in a queue for hours hoping to see their favourite team win. Some watch live streaming from the comfort of their homes. Others look for a perfect way to test their luck on online betting sites and use different bonus offers like Sportingbet promotion code 2019 and enjoy while watching.

But there are also those among us who love sports so much that they make history. Those are the brave men and women who practice day after day to give their best at every competition. The hard work, dedication, commitment, and love for sports has led many of them to the very top. 

Michael Phelps

The Olympic Games will surely remember this name for a long time. After winning 6 gold and 2 bronze medals in Athens 2004, Phelps became the most successful athlete of the competition. The same scenario repeated itself in Bejing 2008 where he also set 7 world records and one Olympic record. London 2012 was the year when Michael Phelps won so many competitions that he was recognized as the most decorated Olympian in history.

Mark Spitz

Almost 36 years before Michael Phelps started his winning streak, there was a man who took seven gold medals at a single Olympics. Mark Spitch moved the borders of the possible by setting world records in all the seven competitions he had won.

Even though his attempted return to the Olympics in 1992 resulted in 0 medals, Spitz still remains as one of five Olympians who have won 9 or more golden medals at the Games.

Matt Biondi

Matt Biondi, also known as the California Condor due to his wingspan, won 7 medals in 1988 in Seoul. 5 gold medals and 4 new world records have left the audience wondering what would be the count on the next Olympics.

However, the Olympics in 1992 in Barcelona added only 2 more team gold medals and one individual silver to his total count. 

Ian Thorpe

It wasn’t just Biondi who has earned an appealing nickname due to his skills. Ian Thorpe, known as the Thorpedo, is the most decorated Australian swimmer who won 3 gold and 2 silver medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. 4 years later at the Athens Olympics 2004, he added 2 more gold medals to his collection. 

Unfortunately, Thrope’s illness in 2006 prevented him to continue with his swimming career, so he had to retire early. Nevertheless, he still remains one of the best swimmers in the world.

Dara Torres

  being an outstanding swimmer who has won a total of 12 medals at the Olympics, Dara remains the living proof that age is not an unsurpassable obstacle. At the age of 41, she broke a century-old record by becoming the oldest Olympian to win a medal.

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