What it Takes to Maintain a Pool

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Everyone has always heard jokes about the pool boy but rarely have people asked themselves what the pool boy does. Yes, they are supposed to clean the pool, but is that the only thing necessary to maintain the pool? No, of course not, it does not stop there. There are plenty of things which are necessary to keep a pool clean and safe for daily use.

Checking the Pool

Before even getting to cleaning a pool, the water needs to be checked for chemical imbalances. There are special kits designed for this, which can save money compared to hiring a professional to do the cleaning. The pool needs to be checked not only for imbalances but for potential algae growth and cloudy water. All of these are clear signs that the pool needs cleaning. Oh yes, if the pool is filled with leaves, bugs and other materials which have found their way to it, that also requires cleaning.

Sanitizing the Pool at Regular Intervals

In order to sanitize a pool, a sanitizer should be added, usually chlorine, the most common one. There are certain levels which need to be reached and which shouldn’t be exceeded. The instructions are provided with the sanitizer.

Algaecides are necessary as a preventive method to slow down or stop potential algae growth. This is necessary to keep a pool healthy. A pool shock can and should be used after rainy days or after a lot of people have used the pool. This is necessary to kill any bacteria and keep the pool healthy. Checking the pH of the pool is mandatory. It should be between 7.4 and 7.6.

Clean the Pool

Cleaning a pool requires a net skimmer, a pool brush, and a pool vacuum. Skimmers are used to get stuff from the surface, like bugs or leaves. Pool brushes are used to clean the area surrounding the pool. The vacuum is used to clean debris out of the pool.

Water Circulation is Important

There is a reason why lakes are often the worse kind of areas for swimming. Any water which is not moving keeps everything in one place, all the algae and bacteria. A pool must have its water circulating, if not at all times, then at least for half a day. This is important because otherwise, it will end up with cloudy water and algae infestations.

Cleaning a pool should be done on a weekly basis during the swimming season. This can be done manually, which might take more time and energy. Pool cleaning companies or individuals can also be hired which saves energy but costs more money. Either way works if done properly and on a regular basis.

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