The Most Awe-Inspiring Swimming Guinness World Records

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Guinness world records are both interesting and insightful, they help us know what is possible and give athletes new goals to surpass. Much like, world records help high stakes bettors, because they are expecting surprising outcomes, so it can come in handy when you know what is in the realm of human capabilities. 

In the following article, we will focus on some of the most amazing world records in the swimming discipline. As you know swimming is all about agility, endurance, breath control, and finesse, so breaking these world records necessitates decades of commitment.

Farthest Under Ice Swim –  Stig Åvall Severinsen

Ice swimming is incredibly dangerous, and an average person can only spend a short amount of time in ice-cold water before hypothermia kicks in.  Stig Åvall Severinsen is a new record holder though as he managed to swim 72 meters under ice back in 2010. The previous record was 52 meters set by Wim Hof in the year 2000. The ability to withstand the drastic drop in-temperature is thanks to a so-called yoga technique inner fire, which supposedly allows for inner temperature to be even. 

Longest distance underwater while holding breath – Carlos Coste

How long can you swim while holding your breath underwater? It is something we can all do, but mastering our breathing and underwater motion to the point where we can cross over 170 meters seems next to impossible. Well not for Carlos Coste as in 2016 he beat his previous record and set a new one 177 meters. It is really difficult to pull it off, as it requires you to swim using as minimal motion as possible all while covering impressive distance, and Carlos was moving almost a whole meter per second, as he was underwater for 3 minutes. 

Most consecutive bench presses underwater – Greg Wittstock

Here is a record that was broken quite recently, on October 1st, 2019.  Breathing is really important for bench pressing exercise, so doing it underwater is really weird, let alone competing in who can do more. For Guinness World Record the rules are that you need to do it in a single breath and that the weight needs to be 50 kilos. Greg Wittstock from the United States managed to do 61 rep, which is truly absurd. According to Greg, this discipline combines his love for water and bodybuilding. 

Fastest 100 Meter in Swim Flippers with Hurdles – Veronica Torr

Now for something a bit different but just as crazy, running with hurdles wearing swimming flippers. Although it is not happening underwater, running in this footwear is a challenge in its own right, add hurdles to the mix and it becomes really dangerous. Well, Veronic Torr dominates this discipline and in 2010 she broke her own record. Her previous run time was 19.28 seconds and the new record is 18.523, truly fascinating.    

Hopefully, you will find these records inspiring, maybe you will even invent your own category and set a brand new record. You can also check out other world records in the underwater discipline like the longest walk distance or longest static cycling. There are so many different records within the Guinness book that you will definitely find something you can do best with enough practice. 

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